Concept:  Listeners were encouraged to upload their own version of jingle about Instacredit Automart for a chance  to win money and be featured on an advertisement.

The campaign was significant because it came to us through an agency (Turec Advertising) and was a collaborative effort between two radio broadcast companies:  Clear Channel for a country music audience, and Radio One, Inc. for the hip hop audience.  In addition, the client had their own website and wanted contestants and voters to be able to navigate to the respective contests from their website as well.

One of NMC’s primary roles in this was to oversee all three websites’ implementation of the contest and make sure it ran smoothly.


Web Ads


Contest Page

Social Media

Text blast


Serve as primary communication liaison for Radio One, Clear Channel, Turec Advertising, and Instacredit Automart regarding the development and execution of the campaign.

Overseeing execution of campaign launch

Create website designs and graphics for each site

Create and design web ads

Collect recap media

Create the schedule for the different elements of the website

Design the technical implementation of how the campaign would work

Submit order for processing and execution to traffic department